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The Girkins

That’s Adam and I’m Shannon, I am the social butterfly 🦋 he’s more the homebody... We have been married 12 years in March 🖤 3 amazing kids who run our lives! We have always been the creative types and love a good ol #diy

Adam has his own #handyman company where he puts his 20+ years of painting experience and knowledge to work. He can do anything lol just give him a drawing or idea! He’s incredibly handy and has completely remodeled our previous home and has completed all of our updates in our beautiful home 🏡 he has his business page on Facebook under Dagwood’s Paint, handyman & restoration services! Which BTW are his initials and my maiden name so an ode to us both 🖤

I have a lot of hats so I think I’ll save all that for another time 😂 but here’s a short description for now... Wife, Mom, Boss, Manger, Soap Star, Entrepreneur... pretty much just fly by the seat of my pants and like to be apart of EVERYTHING! I’m lucky to be able to do what I love so I love what I do!! Even when it’s completely overwhelming... I started this page just as an outlet for what we are doing, to get our name and goods out there! We hope to have a retail spot one day but it seems online is the way to go for now.. My goal this year is to be more comfortable with my own pictures and videos so bare with me as I navigate this technology 😂

📸: @ninachappelphotography

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