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More than a business

So, with my business Tulsa Event Staffing I am dedicated to doing what I can to help as many as I can!

Today I did a sweet little charcuterie spread for a celebration of life. Never would think that’s where I’d end up and be excited to do it but here we are. The quickest way to a heart is through the stomach!

I came across a post of someone reaching out for a friend going through a big loss. Death is almost always unexpected and the stress emotionally and financially are a lot for anyone. They had reached out to other caterers but were quoted a crazy high amount. They had family and friends traveling from out of town and just wanted to have something to offer while they visited. Being in the game for so long I get the pricing and all of that but I’m so grateful to be able to offer much more affordable options when needed. I was able to offer something beautiful without having to cause any additional burdens. And that is why I love this. That is why I’m doing this. That is why it’s more than a business 🖤


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