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New Biz, Who Dis?!

Tulsa Event Staffing offers licensed & Insured Bartending & Service Staff. They are here to help support ALL hostesses & brides who just need some hands on deck that aren't in the wedding and also our other event & wedding professionals out there who could use a knowledgeable helpful hand.

Tulsa Event Staffing is an asset to everyone involved with the wide range of services available. From the fanciest black tie events to the kids birthday party tulsa event staffing‘s event staff can assist with setting up tables, linens, decor, buffets, plated or family style meals and cleaning it all up. They even help pack your decorations and leftover, even load it up into your vehicle!

Tulsa Event Staffing bartenders will leave your guests smiling. Always ready to serve you and your guests with a great attitude and a true passion for what they do! They can bring the whole set up or just their bar box and get to work. Signature cocktails are concocted when requested and the fun names and creative mixtures are always a hit. They love to match a theme, color or style just let them know your vision and they’ll be sure to match.

Check out their website and book them now!

Just wanted to share a lil write up about my new business! I have had a lot of questions about what this business does and how it can help out with any event or gathering.


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